Avoiding the Holiday Financial Hangover

Gifts for family. Gifts for friends. Gifts for co-workers. Gifts for neighbors. Gifts for your childrens’ teachers. Gifts for… Hold on. How are you supposed to afford all of this? On top of that, you haven’t even considered the price of holiday meals, travel, and entertainment. Spending time with family and making holiday memories: Priceless. … Continue reading Avoiding the Holiday Financial Hangover

Applying for Financial Aid – Identifying Pitfalls

Students and their families who are navigating the college financial aid process can also find themselves victims of identity fraud. The Federal Student Aid program, a division of the Department of Education, offers some advice on how to avoid fraud during this process. When applying for aid at the official Federal Student Aid Website (www.fafsa.gov), … Continue reading Applying for Financial Aid – Identifying Pitfalls