It’s the Most Vulnerable Time of the Year

The holidays are in full swing, and so is the shopping season. Millions of Americans are hitting the streets and the web to hunt down deals. You may have your eyes on the prize, but criminals are looking for ways to take advantage while you are vulnerable and distracted. Here are some ways to keep … Continue reading It’s the Most Vulnerable Time of the Year

Avoiding the Holiday Financial Hangover

Gifts for family. Gifts for friends. Gifts for co-workers. Gifts for neighbors. Gifts for your childrens’ teachers. Gifts for… Hold on. How are you supposed to afford all of this? On top of that, you haven’t even considered the price of holiday meals, travel, and entertainment. Spending time with family and making holiday memories: Priceless. … Continue reading Avoiding the Holiday Financial Hangover

‘Tis the Season for Identity Theft

Black Friday: The official kick off to the annual year-end shopping spree for millions of Americans. Then, there is Cyber Monday, luring customers to shop online with bargains and sales not found in stores. We’re all guilty of it, prowling stores and shopping websites in desperate search for that perfect holiday gift. Unfortunately, our shopping … Continue reading ‘Tis the Season for Identity Theft