Debt Collectors: Have You Fallen Victim?

As part of a settlement in a class-action lawsuit, a major network of debt-collecting businesses were shut down and ordered to pay $59 million dollars to victims. After nearly six years, tens of thousands of New Yorkers who had their wages garnished or bank accounts frozen in this surreptitious debt-collection scheme have received the justice … Continue reading Debt Collectors: Have You Fallen Victim?

New Year. Fresh Financial Start.

We all look forward to the New Year for different reasons. Maybe you are looking forward to a fresh start, or you have something exciting planned like a vacation, wedding, etc. No matter the reason, the New Year is a time of reflection and resolution.  Of course, the most common resolutions revolve around exercise and … Continue reading New Year. Fresh Financial Start.

Avoiding the Holiday Financial Hangover

Gifts for family. Gifts for friends. Gifts for co-workers. Gifts for neighbors. Gifts for your childrens’ teachers. Gifts for… Hold on. How are you supposed to afford all of this? On top of that, you haven’t even considered the price of holiday meals, travel, and entertainment. Spending time with family and making holiday memories: Priceless. … Continue reading Avoiding the Holiday Financial Hangover