Debt Collectors: Have You Fallen Victim?

As part of a settlement in a class-action lawsuit, a major network of debt-collecting businesses were shut down and ordered to pay $59 million dollars to victims. After nearly six years, tens of thousands of New Yorkers who had their wages garnished or bank accounts frozen in this surreptitious debt-collection scheme have received the justice … Continue reading Debt Collectors: Have You Fallen Victim?

Strengthening Credit After A Divorce

In addition to the emotional aspects of divorce, very often divorce negatively impacts one's credit, which can make life even more stressful and challenging. Here are a few tips to build your credit worthiness after a divorce: Pay your bills on time Communicate with credit companies – explain that there has been a divorce Close joint … Continue reading Strengthening Credit After A Divorce

Credit Cards For Teens: What You Need To Know

Q: My daughter is turning 18 soon, and I would like to help her start establishing credit. We added her to our credit card when she started driving, and she has proved that she is responsible. What is the best way to give her the opportunity to start a credit history? A: You are smart … Continue reading Credit Cards For Teens: What You Need To Know