#TrendingNow – September 2017

At the end of last year, fidget spinners were all the rage for children.  They became so popular, that this toy, which was designed to help students with ADD, ADHD, or other difficulties concentrating focus on what was going on in the classroom, actually became a distraction to those for whom they were designed to … Continue reading #TrendingNow – September 2017

The August edition of LegalWise is here!

It's arrived!  The Traffic and Travel edition of LegalWise. Download the PDF here:    LegalWise-August 16   Inside you'll find: What's Distracting the Driver's Around You? Pokémon Go - The Latest App Craze Cell Phone Laws From State-to-State Use this interactive map to find individual state laws! Attorney Spotlight The Law Firm of Wampler and Souder … Continue reading The August edition of LegalWise is here!

Evaluating Private Exchanges

With the 2016 plan year upon us, many HR teams and benefits consultants are co nsidering streamlining the benefits enrollment processes by utilizing an online enrollment platform.  One type of platform that aggregates consumers across multiple employer groups with the goal of driving down prices and providing a marketplace experience rich with choices is known … Continue reading Evaluating Private Exchanges