COVID Cooking Challenges

Quarantine inspired budding bakers and experimental chefs to share their tasty (and sometimes out-of-the-box) creations on social media. TikTok has grown increasingly popular for sharing how-to’s on microwaveable mug meals ranging from savory omelets and banana bread to creamy mac and cheese. Jenna Bush Hager of TODAY tried a viral avocado hack that keeps the … Continue reading COVID Cooking Challenges

Safe Driving Saves Lives, and Money

Safe Driving Saves Lives, and Money Summer is arguably the most dangerous travel season of the year. Highways are laden with bumper-to-bumper traffic, speed traps, and unfortunately, accidents. In 2018, the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration reported over 9,000 automobile crashes in June, July and August. Making smart choices behind the wheel not only keeps … Continue reading Safe Driving Saves Lives, and Money

Review Your Benefits Packages

While working remote and navigating the possibility of virtual schooling, be sure to review your family’s insurance coverage. Ensure both medical and dental coverage are effective and up-to-date to avoid any costly co-pays or office fees for routine visits. Car insurance should also be verified in the unlikely event of an accident during your morning … Continue reading Review Your Benefits Packages

Back to Zoom: How to Master Mandated Homeschooling

Back to school, or back to Zoom? Several states continue to raise concerns about reopening classrooms, sporting venues, and other learning environments to teachers and students. As hybrid learning progresses further as a possibility for the new academic normal, parents and children alike should prepare for the at-home classroom. With one semester of virtual learning … Continue reading Back to Zoom: How to Master Mandated Homeschooling

Something Different – July 2020

A Year Without Fireworks Much like 2020 itself, this year’s Independence Day will be one for the history books. Major U.S. cities have cancelled firework displays and festive parades to protect against a second wave of coronavirus infections. Pre-pandemic, the 16,000+ firework displays hosted across the nation comprised 65% of Fourth of July activities for … Continue reading Something Different – July 2020

Tip of the Month – July 2020

Why You Should Backup Smartphone Photos In 2017, smartphones and tablets captured 90% of the 1.2 trillion pictures taken digitally. That’s a lot of data to lose. Summer puts us at greater risk for technology mishaps, be it water-logged hard drives, lost devices, accidental deletion, and more. Prevent the loss of beloved data by backing … Continue reading Tip of the Month – July 2020

#TrendingNow – July 2020

Retire or Resume? Baby Boomers make up nearly 73 million of the United States’ population, many of whom have approached 2020 with the question of: Do I retire, or do I work elsewhere? While some Boomers consult with lawyers and financial advisors to evaluate insurances, Social Security, retirement benefits, 401(k)s, and life documents, others turn … Continue reading #TrendingNow – July 2020