#TrendingNow – July 2018

Protect Yourself Online Ensure a Secure Wi-Fi Connection with This Portable Device Whether you’re traveling for work or vacation, public Wi-Fi becomes an issue. Most of the time, it’s totally fine to use. But there’s always a chance that someone could intercept your data. To keep your private information private, check out Keezel. It’s small … Continue reading #TrendingNow – July 2018

Featured Story – June 2018

Planning a Road Trip What’s your perfect summer getaway? With the days getting longer and the school year winding down, June is the perfect month to plan your next vacation. For some people, this means relaxing on a tropical beach with white sand and turquoise water. Others prefer exploring new cities, cuisines and cultures. But … Continue reading Featured Story – June 2018

#TrendingNow – June 2018

Tech junkies everywhere are flipping out over Google’s new lifelike AI experience – Google Duplex. Intelligent conversations with computers that don’t sound like robots? Impossible – until now. Google Duplex is a human-sounding virtual assistant that can help with things like making dinner reservations or appointments. You have to see the demo tobelieve it. Visit … Continue reading #TrendingNow – June 2018

Something Different – June 2018

Why you should use vacation time to go on vacation While Americans are taking more time off than they have since 2010, most aren’t using their vacation days to travel anywhere. But doing so can actually boost happiness as well as career success, according to an online poll from the US Travel Association’s ‘Project: Time Off’ initiative, which … Continue reading Something Different – June 2018

#Trending Now – May 2018

Engaged at Every Age The Administration for Community Living has announced the theme of this year’s initiative for Older Americans Month: “Engage at Every Age.” Here are a few ways you can engage and celebrate the older adults in your community: Post a photo with an elderly parent, friend or neighbor and use the hashtag … Continue reading #Trending Now – May 2018