Tip of the Month – October 2019

October is Breast Cancer Awareness Month Take part in the annual worldwide campaign that brings focus to the importance of breast cancer awareness, education and research. This year, consider helping by writing encouragement cards for breast cancer patients. For the women facing this difficult diagnosis, a handwritten note of support can really make a difference. … Continue reading Tip of the Month – October 2019

Featured Story – October 2019

Maximize Your Legal Plan Open enrollment is a good time to review your employee benefits, and make sure you’re making the most of what’s available. And with 70% of employees experiencing a legal need each year, understanding your legal plan is especially helpful. Your Legal Resources Plan is a competitive benefit that empowers enrolled members … Continue reading Featured Story – October 2019

Featured Story – September 2019

3 Ways to Show Employee Appreciation  Labor Day is a national holiday meant to honor American workers and their contributions to our communities. On a more personal level for employers, Labor Day can mean being grateful for the employees whose productivity contributes to the ongoing success of your business. And because we know that a … Continue reading Featured Story – September 2019

Tip of the Month – September 2019

Your Right to Privacy in Public Schools As another school year starts, it’s important to know you have a right to question any request for your child’s Social Security number by his or her school. You also have protection under the Family Educational Rights and Privacy Act, which covers information contained in report cards, transcripts, disciplinary records, … Continue reading Tip of the Month – September 2019

Something Different – September 2019

America's Sandwich Preferences by Ranking Lovingly referred to as a “sammich,” it’s the working man’s one-handed lunch break, a staple of the American kitchen, and the subject of countless memes and comedy sketches. And now, over 1,200 people have put their time to excellent use, weighing in on their sandwich preferences and providing us with … Continue reading Something Different – September 2019