Featured Story – April 2020

April is National Volunteer Month According to Project Helping, 94% of volunteers experience an emotional recharge known as a “helper’s high,” which improves individuals’ moods, boosts productivity, reduces stress and fosters a sense of purpose. A substantial number of U.S. employers even offer paid-time-off exclusively for volunteer work, allowing employees to invest hours in their … Continue reading Featured Story – April 2020

#TrendingNow – April 2020

Ways to Curb COVID-19 Boredom Author Ryan Holiday says, “Never forget, within every obstacle is an opportunity to improve our condition.” So, why not use the world’s temporary quarantine as a means of self-advancement? Spend time with loved ones, tackle your reading list, try a new game or develop a new skill using online learning … Continue reading #TrendingNow – April 2020

Something Different – March 2020

Avoid These Tax Return Errors According to the IRS, an estimated 60% of all tax returns filed annually have a mistake in them.  This includes returns processed and filed by tax professionals.  Be on the lookout for these common mistakes: Spelling errors Mistyped numbers Incorrect calculations If you did file with a tax professional, reach out … Continue reading Something Different – March 2020