Featured Story – February 2020

February 11th is National Safer Internet Day Safer Internet Day (SID) promotes the safe and positive use of digital technology. Each year in February, millions of people participate in events and activities across the globe to help inspire positive changes online and raise awareness of online safety issues. How can you participate? Start by having … Continue reading Featured Story – February 2020

Something Different – February 2020

New Data Privacy Laws for the New Year Despite numerous key federal laws that have been put into place to safeguard our online privacy, data breeches are still a daily occurrence. One huge change that may make a difference in 2020 is a new data privacy law called the California Consumer Protection Act, or CCPA. … Continue reading Something Different – February 2020

The January 2020 Edition of LegalSmart is here!

The January 2020 Edition of LegalSmart focuses on the law! Download LegalSmart Here:  LegalSmart - January 2020 Featured Story:  Make the Most of Your Legal Plan Trending Now: Be Aware of What Your Share on Social Media Something Different: Law Practice Areas to Watch in 2020 Tip of the Month: Manage Your Time Like a … Continue reading The January 2020 Edition of LegalSmart is here!

Featured Story – January 2020

Make the Most of Your Legal Plan Why not make maximizing your employee benefits one of your New Year’s resolutions this year? Many employers provide health insurance, paid time off and other perks. Yet, year after year, people continue to leave employee benefits on the table. Basic estate planning is a great way to utilize your group … Continue reading Featured Story – January 2020

#TrendingNow – January 2020

Be Aware of What You Share on Social Media Whether it’s a divorce, custody, or criminal case, tweets and posts are showing up as evidence in courtrooms across the country. And contrary to popular belief, it is legal to use communications gathered from social media sites as evidence in court. Your opinions can either hurt or help your case, so … Continue reading #TrendingNow – January 2020

Tip of the Month – January 2020

Manage Your Time Like a Lawyer A lawyer's duty to practice good time management is actually mandated by the American Bar Association, so think like a lawyer to improve your own efficiency. Establish set times for responding to emails, stop multitasking, and use a timer to limit the number of minutes you spend on any given task. Perfection … Continue reading Tip of the Month – January 2020

Something Different – January 2020

Law Practice Areas to Watch in 2020 Along with the rest of the world, the legal landscape is rapidly changing. According to LawFuel.com, these are a few key areas of growth we’ll see in law in the upcoming year: Healthcare Law This area of law will be particularly lucrative in the next decade as the country reforms … Continue reading Something Different – January 2020