Do I Really Need An Attorney For That?

Small events in life may seem like no big deal, and the idea of bringing an attorney into the mix a bit excessive, but in many situations, an attorney’s expertise can save you time, stress, and money in the long run. Here are some everyday life events an attorney can assist with that you may not think about, but should

#TrendingNow – August 2017

As the economy improves and mortgage rates are still low, some people may be considering purchasing an investment home to supplement their income and real estate portfolio.  While it is a great time to buy, becoming a landlord is a huge investment.  Before you jump into this purchase, take some time to think about the … Continue reading #TrendingNow – August 2017

Featured Service – Deeds: Non-Sale Real Estate Transactions

Deeds: Non-Sale Real Estate Transactions In addition to preparation and review of closing documents on the sale or purchase of your primary residence, non-sale real estate transactions provided for the Member are also listed as one of our many fully covered services!  That includes the review and preparation of quit claim deeds and deeds of … Continue reading Featured Service – Deeds: Non-Sale Real Estate Transactions

What Are Home Inspectors Looking For?

It is recommended that you have a home inspected before purchasing your new home.  This is done after your offer has been accepted, and well before your closing day. Home inspections are extremely in-depth, and here are three big things a home inspection will show you: Safety concerns: A home inspection will ensure smoke detectors, … Continue reading What Are Home Inspectors Looking For?

Featured Benefit – REAL ESTATE

  Real Estate Transactions Things are heating up all over town, including the housing market.  Summer seems to be the time to buy, so the featured Legal Resources  Benefit for the month of June is for Real Estate Transactions. Under the Legal Resources plan, the primary member is entitled to legal assistance and representation by … Continue reading Featured Benefit – REAL ESTATE