Featured Story – December 2020

Preparing for Your Effective Date

Whether you’re a long-time member or soon-to-be part of the Legal Resources family, there are a number of preparations you can make to use your Legal Plan in the new year. For both January 1 effectives and current members alike, be sure to review the many ways your legal benefit can serve you.

Legal Lead #1: ‘Tis the season of resolutions and planning, so making a legal checklist should definitely be added to your queue of to-do’s. Legal matters you put off may still be worth resolving (depending on certain statute of limitations, of course). Taking care of wills, estate plans, medical directives, and other essential life documents is a great way to knock off several tasks on your legal checklist too.

Legal Lead #2: Connect with your Plan Attorney. Old and new members alike should focus on establishing a close relationship with their plan attorney. He or she is the person you are encouraged to contact in emergency legal situations, so it’s best to establish good rapport before a crisis arises. Consults are fully-covered, so use them to your advantage and see how your attorney can help you.

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