Something Different – October 2020

The Scoop on Superstitions

Black cats, abandoned pennies, and broken mirrors aren’t just folklore of misfortune. Most superstitions are rooted in the beliefs and “real-life” happenings of our ancestors. Here’s an inside look into these most common fears:

“Bless You”

These two words are more than just a curtesy. Ancient Greeks and Romans believed that if your soul becomes separated from your body, as it does when dreaming, sneezing prevents your soul from re-entering. According to Insider, saying “Bless you” became a defense against wayward souls.

Walking underneath a ladder

The number three holds significance in a number of religious beliefs. In Christianity, the trinity is representative of three beings – the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. When propped open, the ladder makes a triangle, which can represent the trinity. If you walk through ladder, you may be accused of breaking the trinity.

Don’t spill the salt!

Look at Judas, the 13th guest in Leonardo da Vinci’s “The Last Supper.” He spilled the salt, and betrayed Jesus, therefore creating the notion of a correlation between spilled salt and wrongdoings.

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