Something Different – September 2020

A Word on Water

Meet Martin Riese, America’s first Water Sommelier. Rather than sipping vintage vinos, Riese samples waters from around the globe. More than taste, however, Riese is concerned with the nutritional value of the hydrating liquid. In particular, TDS, or total dissolved solids.

TDS measures the mineral composition of water, resulting in the levels of sodium, magnesium, calcium and other minerals present in the liquid. Such minerals support proper functioning of nerves and muscles, reduce stress, increase bone strength, and much more. Varying levels of minerals contribute to waters’ unique tastes and mouthfeels as well. Riese’s water list is not only comprised of high-end still bottles, but gently sparkling varieties as well.

Riese also classifies water by four categories: distilled, purified, spring, and minerals. Spring, he argues, is water’s most honest form, while distilled water is demineralized and dangerous to one’s health if consumed too often.

Martin Riese: Water Sommelier

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