Featured Story – September 2020

Preparing for a Virtual Hearing

Although sitting behind a computer screen is less daunting than appearing in front of a judge, your virtual hearing requires equal preparation as an in-person appointment. Virtual court hearings can occur one of two ways – by phone, or by video.

If you are scheduled to call in, be sure you have a stable cellular connection, the correct dial-in number, and any necessary access codes. Finding a quiet space to communicate with court parties is important as well.

For video calls, you may run into software issues on your laptop, computer, or tablet. To mitigate technology mishaps, download the required video platform a few days before your hearing and familiarize yourself with its settings. Like phone appointments, video calls should occur in a space void of distractions.

You may also want to log in early to ensure all is running smoothly on the day of your hearing. You will likely sit in a virtual “waiting room” while waiting to be summoned by a judge. Appearance also matters here, so dress to impress and win your case!

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