Back to Zoom: How to Master Mandated Homeschooling

Back to school, or back to Zoom? Several states continue to raise concerns about reopening classrooms, sporting venues, and other learning environments to teachers and students. As hybrid learning progresses further as a possibility for the new academic normal, parents and children alike should prepare for the at-home classroom. With one semester of virtual learning under our belts, education experts have identified the pressure points in distance learning and offer advice on mastering mandated homeschooling.

Below are three ways to foster a successful work environment for your student and a happy home life for the rest of the family.

  1. Designate a Learning-Only space. This space should be free of distractions and equipped with all necessary learning materials
  2. Utilize free online resources. Go beyond math and science. Encourage music lessons, second language learning, or cultural-awareness courses.
  3. Teach independence. Remind children they are equally responsible for completing work at home as they would be in school.
  4. Have fun! Recess, gym, and sports are still a part of school after all.


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