Featured Story – July 2020

Member Story: A Legal Resources’ Journey

Rosalind has been a member with Legal Resources for nearly a year. Not only has her Legal Plan provided peace of my mind, but proved fruitful during a travel mishap

Legal Resources: Why did you join Legal Resources?

Rosalind: I am a small business owner, as well as a city employee. I know what it would cost to retain an attorney for different [legal] situations that may arise.

LR: Can you briefly describe the legal issue you encountered?

R: I rented a Land Rover to drive to Georgia. The car drove smoothly, but before you knew it, I had blue lights trailing behind me. I explained [to the officer] I was unfamiliar with the car and do not speed. Long story short, I received a citation for reckless driving.

LR: Was the traffic citation resolved?

R: My court case is scheduled for September, but I have an attorney from Legal Resources and did not have to come out of pocket for a retainer fee.

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