Featured Story – April 2020

April is National Volunteer Month

According to Project Helping, 94% of volunteers experience an emotional recharge known as a “helper’s high,” which improves individuals’ moods, boosts productivity, reduces stress and fosters a sense of purpose. A substantial number of U.S. employers even offer paid-time-off exclusively for volunteer work, allowing employees to invest hours in their non-profit of choice. In addition to the mental wellness payoff, volunteering can have a huge impact on your professional marketability. Volunteering is proven to:

  1. Boost your resume, asserting you as a well-rounded applicant.
  2. Build a unique skillset.
  3. Improve physical health and ward off mental ailments such as dementia.
  4. Foster community in new social settings.

Join the Giving Back movement by visiting http://www.volunteerMatch.org to discover opportunities nearest you.

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