Something Different – October 2019

Fall Hiking Ideas

There’s an exciting sense of anticipation this time of year. School and fall sports have started, and the holidays are just around the corner. The crisp air and changing leaves make it a perfect time to go explore the great outdoors. Here are a few fun ideas for the family:

Leaf Hunt

Take a long walk and gather as many different types of leaves as you can. There are a ton of fun crafts you can do with the kids involving leaves.

Pumpkin Hunt

Hide a bunch of mini pumpkins along a trail, and have the kids find them. You could take them home, and paint or decorate them afterwards.

Fall Scavenger Hunt

Create a checklist of things to find outdoors, like acorns, pinecones, and different colored leaves. When all of the items are checked off the list, enjoy a seasonal treat like apple cider and a donut!

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