Something Different – January 2019

Stick with Your Workout Routine

Once the reality of a long winter sets in, Netflix and takeout can easily overcome cardio and good nutrition. It happens to the best of us. Here’s how to maintain your motivation:

Buy workout clothes.You’ll feel bad if you don’t use them.

Prep snacks and meals.Having carrots and peppers already cut up will make it easier to skip the chips.

Start with baby steps.Committing to five or six mornings a week is a great way to burn out quickly. Start with just two or three workouts a week and build your routine from there.

Find a gym buddy– not just for the accountability factor but also just because it will make going for a run seem like more fun.

Sign up for a race.There’s usually a charity component involved. That way, you can stay motivated and make the world a little bit better, too.

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