Are You Prepared For Storms?



When storms are approaching, it’s always good to take extra steps to make sure you are prepared for anything that may occur.

Here are a few simple tips to remember as you prepare for a storm:

  1. Check your evacuation plan
    • Be sure to visit to find out if your location is in an evacuation zone, and for the latest updates, follow your local news stations.
  2. Buy supplies
    • It’s always better to be safe than sorry when buying emergency supplies for a storm. A few essentials you will need include bottled water, a first aid kit, batteries, flashlights, and of course food to last you a few days.
  3. Check your insurance coverage
    • Homeowners/renters should familiarize themselves with their insurance coverage.  It is important to remember that standard homeowners’ insurance policies do not cover flood damage.
  4. Secure important items
    • If you keep important documents in a safe or a desk, make sure to secure them and take precaution by making copies of things if necessary. Taking inventory of important items can help with any insurance claims you may have during the aftermath.
  5. Protect your home
    • Strong winds and heavy rains can cause serious damage to your home and surrounding area. Using sandbags and boarding up windows can help prevent damage in some cases.
  6. Charge your electronics
    • Power outages occur frequently and it’s a good idea to charge all of your necessary electronics to get you through the storm. Cell phones are a big part of communication.

Staying prepared can save you time, money and prevent stress if you happen to experience a heavy hitting storm. Your Plan Law Firm is available to assist with insurance related matters before and after a storm should anything happen. Member services is also available if you have questions about coverage or plan usage.

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