Something Different – May 2018

3 Things to Know About Writing a Will

The longest will ever filed for probate was handwritten in October of 1919, and had 95,940 words contained in four bound volumes. Lucky for the rest of us, this isn’t standard and a will doesn’t have to be hundreds of pages long.

When you want to write (or re-write) your will, keep these three things in mind:

You may handwrite your own will, but because there are certain requirements for this type of will, most lawyers advise against it.

You can create a will online using a template prepared in accordance with your state’s laws, but it’s wise to have a lawyer review it before it’s finalized.

You can use your Legal Resources plan, which includes will preparation, advance medical directives, financial powers of attorney and contingent trusts for minor children – all fully covered.

<Price, Clair (January 3, 1926). “Long Will Joins Odd Collection”. The New York Times.>

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