#TrendingNow – April 2018

One of Legal Resources’ most popular features is will creation or update for both the member and his or her spouse because this is an important document that everyone needs.  It may be a topic you don’t want to talk about, but a will is important for everyone.  Here are some great reasons you need a will created:

  1. You control who gets what aspects of your estate, as well as who is in charge of distributing them. Don’t worry about this being generally assigned by the state, make sure the right people are in charge of your affairs and that your wishes are carried out properly.
  2. Tax reduction. Your family will have to pay estate taxes, but wills can help reduce this burden on them.
  3. Protect your family. If you have children, or even pets, a will can ensure they are cared for by the person of your choosing. Without a will, the court makes this decision.
  4. Save your loved ones some stress. A will not only protects your interests, but it can reduce the probate process, allowing your family to carry out your wishes quickly.
  5. You can still change your mind. Sometimes a will may seem set in stone, but your Legal Resources Plan covers updates to your will too.  So, if anything in your estate changes, or you need to update a portion of your will, you can, and should do that regularly.



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