Something Different – April 2018

We’ve all heard that reducing stress is a key component to any wellness-centered lifestyle.  As a matter of fact, 83% of adults think that stress can have a strong or very strong impact on a person’s health.   But trying to reduce your stress is easier said than done, so how can an attorney of all people help?

  1. Expert advice when you need it. Your Legal resources plan offers general consultation and advice from an attorney whenever you have a legal question. The attorneys on our network are dedicated to helping our members in a way that is convenient, so phone, email, or office consultations are available based on your specific legal needs.
  2. Representation. Legal events can pop up out of nowhere. Maybe you’re suddenly the executor of a will, or you receive a traffic ticket, small legal issues can pop up at any moment.  Your Plan Attorney can help sort through even small matters.
  3. Peace of mind. Your Legal Resources plan was designed to offer you peace of mind.  Covering everything from will creation to courtroom representation, you can relax… you’re covered with Legal Resources.



<Quantifying the Workplace Impact of Employees’ Personal Legal Matters: Five Issues Addressed with Group Legal Plans. Tech. N.p.: Harris Interactive, 2011. Print.

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