Featured Story – April 2018

April is National Stress-Awareness Month, and with everything going on, our personal well-being can be low on the list of priorities.  However, studies have shown that stress can have a direct impact on your health.  Some of life’s biggest events are often the most stressful, but they are part of life, so how can you reduce stress?

Your Legal Resources plan can help by getting you the expert assistance required for  expected and unexpected legal matters that arise.  Check out the top 3 reasons our members have contacted our Member Services Department and how your Plan Attorney could help in such stressful situations:

  1. Will Creation/Update – Don’t worry about your future, or your family’s well-being. Get a will drafted by a top-rated attorney and relax… you’re covered.
  2. Traffic Matters – No one plans to have a traffic incident. Your Legal Resources plan will cover attorney representation in the event of an incident, including courtroom representation.
  3. Real Estate – Buying or selling your home this spring? It’s a long and stressful process, but don’t worry, your Plan Attorney will represent you during closing to ensure the contract is written by an attorney and that you and your property are protected.


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