Something Different – December 2017

The holiday season is filled with family and fun, but everyone experiences an uptick in business, even your law firms.  To compound that, some of the legal matters that may seem simple take more time to manage on the back end, so plan ahead as we venture into the holidays.  Offices and courts will close for holidays which compounds this problem as there will be fewer working days to get things done.

Wills – If you are having your will created, or even updated, it can normally take 2-3 weeks to be drafted, reviewed, and edited before your attorney presents it to you for final review.

Real Estate – Closing documents and deed adjustments can require a lot of work to ensure everything complies with regulations.  Reach out to your attorney as soon as you have a closing date, even if it’s weeks in advance so they can start the long process of working with your realtor and lender to meet the deadline.

Traffic – As soon as you receive your citation, reach out to your Plan Attorney and let them know of your court date.  They will work with you and the courts to ensure someone is available to represent you.  If you wait too long you may limit your options.

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