#TrendingNow – November 2017

Thanksgiving is a big travel day for many families, and to save money, many families choose to drive.
With more traffic on the roads, you may be tempted to try to get there faster, which could result in a traffic ticket.  If you have Legal Resources, you can relax… you’re covered, as traffic matters are covered under your legal plan.
But, what do you do once you’ve received your ticket?  You actually have several options to resolve it:
1. Go to traffic school.  Many states have a system set up where you can go to traffic school to reduce points, and keep them off your driving record.  This does not directly impact the fines and court dates, but it can help keep your insurance rates down after the fact.
2. Contest the ticket in court.  The date on the citation provided by the police is your court date.  It is your opportunity to contest the ticket in front of a judge.
3. Request a reduction.  You can contact the issuing city or state’s court clerk to review options on reducing the fines without attending court, though this depends on the state’s laws.
4. Pay it off. If you want to avoid the hassle of dealing with the court system, you can always pre-pay the fines listed on the ticket before the listed date.  Your ticket, or county website should have details on where and how much to pay.
Before you take any of these measures, though, seek the advice of a professional.  Contact your Legal Resources Plan Law Firm for a consultation on the matter the business day immediately following the day you received the ticket.

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