Something Different – November 2017

This November, Thanksgiving will be on Thursday the 23rd, and will be considered the official start to the American holiday season.  Every family has their own traditions that make the holiday special, whether it’s the types of food on the table, the jokes told, or the conversations, each family is unique.  Here are some of the strangest traditions American families have on Thanksgiving:

  1. An Aunt would start a food fight every year – eventually it became an anticipated tradition.
  2. Some families have passed traditions onto the next generation – in this case, naming and dancing with the turkey while prepping it. Hopefully they’re more creative than Tom doing the turkey trot!
  3. “Thankful rolls” – Everyone writes what they are thankful for on paper, and those slips are then baked into the evening’s rolls.
  4. Pre-eating weigh in – family members compete to see who can gain the most weight during the meal.
  5. Paint ball – every year after Thanksgiving, one family has a multi-generational paintball fight in the back yard. 2

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