Scary Reasons You Might Need an Attorney This Halloween

Halloween is an American tradition and can supply fun for people of any age, however, just like any day, legal matters can pop up out of nowhere.  Have you considered these potential issues at Halloween?


  1. Reduce liability on your property by keeping it safe. Clear pathways, and make sure paths are well-lit. A lawsuit can occur if someone is injured on your property.


  1. Limit or eliminate entirely alcohol from your party. This will keep you safe from potential ramifications of drunk drivers or inadvertently serving alcohol to minors.


  1. Know your pets. If your dog becomes aggressive with strangers, or people walking by, keep him someplace safe and away from others. This will make your pup happier, and reduce the risk of dog bites.


  1. Traffic incidents – be alert! Whether driving or walking the neighborhood, be aware of your surroundings. If you’re trick-or-treating, make yourself visible, and if you’re driving, slow down and keep an eye out for those in costumes.


Keep potential legal matters in mind this Halloween to avoid litigation.  If an incident occurs, or you’d like some advice on how to prepare before the fact, reach out to your Plan Attorney for a consultation.

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