Do I Really Need An Attorney For That?

Small events in life may seem like no big deal, and the idea of bringing an attorney into the mix a bit excessive, but in many situations, an attorney’s expertise can save you time, stress, and money in the long run.


Here are some everyday life events an attorney can assist with that you may not think about, but should:


  1. Minor traffic violations: You received a speeding ticket.  No big deal, you’ll pay the fine, take the point, and move on with your life because, generally speaking, you have a good driving record. However, that single point can spike your car insurance rates by hundreds of dollars.  Attorneys know the traffic courts and can negotiate on your behalf to get your fines and points reduced or even eliminated entirely.  Most attorneys have a traffic matter flat fee to handle such cases, and it is usually quite affordable.  For Legal Resources members, it is one of our fully covered services!


  1. Real Estate: You can have a title company prepare closing documents, but they can’t provide any legal advice if you have questions about them. Also, they don’t have the same knowledge of real estate law that a practicing lawyer does. Your home is a life-long investment, so have the best person possible prepare and review your home closing documents, refinance documents, or deed alterations – a professionally trained attorney.


  1. Small Document Review – You probably don’t worry about small documents or documents you may think you have no control over, like insurance agreements or cell phone plan contracts. But, having an attorney review those documents before you sign them will not only provide you with the options available, but also alert you to potential pitfalls or anything that is out of the norm in the paperwork.


Schedule a consultation with your Plan Attorney to learn more about how they can help you handle the events in your life.



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