#TrendingNow – September 2017

At the end of last year, fidget spinners were all the rage for children.  They became so popular, that this toy, which was designed to help students with ADD, ADHD, or other difficulties concentrating focus on what was going on in the classroom, actually became a distraction to those for whom they were designed to help.

As children will, students began playing with them in the classroom, trading them, taking them apart, and spending more time focused on the toy than the lesson at hand.  This prompted many schools across the nation to ban them from classrooms, and others go so far as to ban them from school grounds entirely citing the distractions they cause, as well as the potential for injury.

Schools have your child’s safety and education as their most important consideration, but what if your child has an actual, medically based need for the toy?  They can help more than just concentration as they have a soothing effect on children with anxiety or even autism.  With that in mind, some school districts have opted to allow the toy for students who genuinely need them.

Does your child still utilize a fidget spinner, or has the fad moved on?  If your child is still in need of the toy’s benefits, consider reaching out to the school to learn their policy on the toy before the new school year starts.  If you have any questions regarding your student’s rights, make an appointment with your Legal Resources Plan Attorney today.



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