Something Different – September 2017

Any rule or law without explanation or context can come off as silly or illogical.  For example, did you know that it is illegal to spit in public in the state of Virginia1?  It seems like this should be no big deal, but the law originated as a way to help stop the spread of disease.  Any governing body tasked with protection and ensuring order is bound to have rules that seem silly if you don’t know why they were created, and schools are no exception.

Check out some of the oddest rules students have experienced in school2:

  1. No high fives. You could end up with detention.
  2. No running in P.E. You could speed walk though.
  3. No plain white t-shirts.
  4. Between November and February, students must wear coats to school, even if the weather is warm.

While it is likely these rules were created to solve a specific problem, they are strange without any background information.



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