What’s your Legal Wellness Score?

What’s your Legal Wellness Score?

Legal matters may not be a part of your overall wellness routine, but when something pops up, it can completely derail all of your healthy choices by increasing stress and negatively impacting your finances and free time.

Answer the following questions and get your Legal Wellness Score.  Give yourself a point for every “yes” you have!


  1. Have you completed wills for you and your spouse?

A properly prepared will by an attorney is the best way to relax in the knowledge that your family will be properly cared for should something happen to you.  You can rest at ease knowing your wishes have been documented, and your family will have somewhere to turn with questions.

  1. Do you have a trusted attorney to call in case of legal emergency?

While it is unlikely you can afford to have an attorney on retainer, but do you even know who you would call if you needed help?  An emergency is not the time to have to research an attorney.  As a member of the Legal Resources Plan, you are assigned a Plan Law Firm to call whenever you have a legal need.  Legal Resources does all the research for you and provides trusted, highly experienced law firms.

  1. If you have a lease, has an attorney reviewed it to ensure you are protected?

Whether landlord or renter, you should have an attorney review your lease to ensure you are protected and that the lease meets your state’s requirements.

  1. Do you utilize an attorney for even minor traffic violations?

An attorney can help avoid fines and points on your records when you receive a ticket.  Take advantage of your Legal Resources Plan membership to get attorney representation for traffic matters.

  1. Do you know the difference between an attorney and a paralegal?

This is important to know for several reasons.  While a paralegal assists an attorney with research, documentation, and paperwork, they are not registered with the Bar Association, and therefore cannot give legal advice.  Also, attorneys often have “paralegal fees” for the work their paralegals do – this is your attorney’s attempt to save you money because paralegal fees are lower than attorney fees.

  1. Do you understand how attorneys determine their fees?

Your case determines how you will be billed, and in some cases what the attorney’s rates will be.  If you have questions, don’t be afraid to ask the attorney during your consultation.  He or she should be able to give you an estimate, or even exact figure and review what options you have to pay for his or her services.  If you’re a Legal Resources member, and your need is one of our many fully covered services, you won’t pay any attorney or paralegal fees!

  1. Do you have an attorney review your legal documents and agreements before signing them?

Know what you are agreeing to!  Consult an attorney when signing contracts or legal documents to confirm that they are legal and you are aware of all terms.

  1. Do your spouse and dependent children have access to reliable attorneys?

What happens if your family is in need of an attorney?  Do they have someone affordable and trustworthy to call?  If you are a Legal Resources member, your spouse and dependent children are covered under the same plan as you! *

  1. Is your estate prepared for you as you age, or in the event of your death?

Are you ready for retirement?  If something happens to you before then, what happens to everything?  An attorney can review your documents to confirm everything is in line with your plans.

  1. Are you a Legal Resources Member?

Legal Resources provides the most fully covered services and connects you with highly rated attorneys nationwide.  When you’re a member, you can relax… you’re covered under our plan.

So, how did you score?  10/10?  If not, reach out to your plan attorney and schedule a consultation to improve your Legal Wellness score!


*Check your plan documents or with your benefit administrator to confirm eligibility.


Did you know?


Legal Resources offers a Legal Wellness Seminar open to all employees through their employers.  Talk to your Human Resources representative about scheduling a seminar with us.

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