#TrendingNow – July 2017

We’ve all heard that reducing stress is a key component to any wellness-centered lifestyle.  As a matter of fact, 83% of adults think that stress can have a strong or very strong impact on a person’s health¹.   But trying to reduce your stress is easier said than done, so how can an attorney help?

Many of life’s most stressful events involve a legal issue, and dealing with the legal side of things can compound the stress you feel and add other physical or emotional problems like depression, trouble sleeping, or weight gain, all of which can derail all of your wellness initiatives².


But, an attorney actually can help.  Attorneys will handle all of the tedious parts of a legal matter – the paperwork, the court interactions, and keep you updated on what’s going on, so you don’t have to worry. Attorneys can also avoid delays or errors during the process, which will help resolve your legal matter quickly and efficiently³.


If you really want to reduce stress, become a member of the Legal Resources Legal plan.  70% of employees who have a legal plan attorney state they have better peace of mind, and 61% of legal plan members reduce time worrying about legal matters³!  That is a huge impact on your overall wellness.  Because Legal Resources has so many fully covered services and the expanded coverage benefit for most other legal issues including pre-existing legal matters, our plan will reduce the financial stress of working with an attorney by providing up to 100% coverage on the cost of attorney fees.


If you have an upcoming or ongoing legal matter, reach out to your plan firm so you can relax… you’re covered.


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