Tip of the Month – July 2017

Keep your identity safe when tracking your health and wellness!

Activity trackers and their accounts hold a lot of personal information you may not even think about on a daily basis.  It’s more than just calories in and steps – your tracker contains your age, weight, gender, height, and maybe even your birthday!  You also link an email and maybe a phone number to that account, or use the GPS tracker to document your runs, so there’s a wealth of information to an identity thief.

Treat your activity tracking system, regardless of brand or method, as if it were your credit card or personal documents.  You can take some simple steps to avoid putting too much of your identity out there.

  1. Watch what you post on social media.

Do you run the same path every day after dinner?  Do you post your route or times?  It not only shows a pattern, but it also lets everyone know when you’re sure not to be at home.

  1. Keep your account secure.

As with all accounts, keep your log in information secret and choose a complicated password.  Don’t forget to rotate the password regularly!

  1. Avoid unsecure networks.

Don’t log in at Starbucks to document that post-workout latte.  Make a note, and log in to document your progress on a secure network.

  1. Keep everything up to date.

Any device you use in relation to your wellness should be updated whenever a new one comes up.  Companies often use regular updates to improve security.

It may seem like small information because it’s related to your exercise and wellness routine, but it can give a savvy identity thief all they need to steal your identity.  Identity Theft Protection can help.  Check with your Benefits Administrator to see if your company offers Legal Resources Identity Theft Protection Plans as a benefit.



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