Something Different – June 2017

Vacations are about getting away from reality and spending time enjoying some of the world’s great wonders.  We’ve already covered why you need a vacation, and now we’re compiling 5 of the oddest vacation destinations in the US that are going to make you wonder…


The closed theme park – Land of Oz

This may seem like a strange suggestion, but after photos of the abandoned park went viral, this North Carolina theme park which features the yellow brick road, Dorothy, and all her friends reopened its doors on select weekends.

A gnome led tour at Gnome Countryside

The creator of Gnome Countryside still gives the tours of the “gnome biome” located in Lancaster County, Pennsylvania.  The charming village includes gnome houses, bridges, and other natural wonders.

Book a room on a cruise ship that doesn’t cruise – The Queen Mary

Once one of the top ocean liners in the world, the Queen Mary spared no expense in creating a world of opulence for its travelers from the moment of its first voyage in 1936 to its final journey in 1967.  Now docked in Long Beach, California, the Queen Mary is a hotel and entertainment venue on the water.

It’s a bird, it’s a plane! – Metropolis, IL 

An entire city based on comic book legend, Superman? How can you say no?  The town is full of history, shops, and of course the Superman museum, but if you come during the summer, you may arrive in time for its annual Superman Celebration and get a photo with the Man of Steel himself (or at least the statue of him located in town).

The Moneyless Bank (Hotel) – Li Bana Albergo (The Bank Hotel)

It may not sound like the place for a luxury, five-star hotel, but this former bank in Lake Arthur, Louisiana is just that.  With gorgeous rooms and fantastic food at the nearby Regatta restaurant, this hotel is worth the trip.  Did we mention they have a wine vault?


We’ve given the the whys for taking a vacation, and the hows for protecting yourself, and now suggested where to go, so tell us, where is your dream vacation?

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