Did you know… Jurisdiction

Did you know…  There may be jurisdictional issues if you need legal assistance while traveling.

If you are traveling and are injured, there may be more hurdles than just getting medical care.  You may find yourself in a legal battle to get the coverage you need, and this could get complicated.  It may be obvious that if you are injured while traveling out of the country, but there can also be complications while you are traveling out of your area or state.


In the United States, laws and legal processes vary from state to state, and there are jurisdictional considerations to navigate when determining how to proceed.  There are many factors to take into consideration – are you going to pursue a personal injury case?  Your attorney can assist in determining who is responsible and in which courts you would need to file the case. (1)


If you received a citation from the police as a result of the accident (for example in a traffic incident), you may be summoned to the court where the ticket was issued.  If that is far from your home, there may be distance complications with your normal life. (2)


So, what do you do?


If you have already spoken to your Legal Resources Plan Attorney, and they have advised you that the case is outside of their jurisdiction, reach out to the certified paralegals on Legal Resources’ award-winning Member Services team.  They will speak with you, get your information, and do all the leg work to set you up with an attorney in the area you need.  All you need to do is call that attorney who will be waiting to hear from you!




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  2. http://www.bryanthigby.com/blog/2017/03/vacation-injuries-may-leave-you-with-legal-concerns.shtml


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