Something Different – May 2017

Life is a mystery, and every marriage is going to be packed full of surprises.  Some people, though, want to ensure some aspects of their lives are steadfast and backed by a legal document, so they put them in their prenuptial agreement.  Here are some of the craziest prenuptial agreement clauses around.  Check out our LegalWise blog for more!

Too much tv – one clause said she can’t watch more than two reality TV shows a week, and he can only have friends over for “the game” twice a month.¹

Love your in-laws – One husband reportedly must pay his wife $10,000 every time he’s rude to his in-laws.¹

Child Care – Not a custody dispute, but how they will raise their child.  Everything from which religion to requiring the child be raised a vegetarian!¹

Dog gonnit! – We love our dogs – some, more than others. Some couples set up custody and visitation rights on their pets as part of their prenups!²

Fidelity Clause – You can’t put a price on being faithful in your marriage.  Well, some people can.  Celebrities are making waves with clauses that require a cheating spouse to pay upwards of $500,000!¹



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