This Is How We Use It

Buying a home is stressful for anyone, but especially for someone like me who, hand-in-hand with my husband, leapt into the purchase of our very first home.  Surprisingly, the ordeal wasn’t stressful at all.  I would venture to go as far as to say it went so smoothly, it was, dare I say it? Easy.

Because not all law firms actively practice real estate closings, I needed to get a referral to another firm.  A quick conversation with Member Services (800.728.5768) resulted in a referral to a real estate attorney on the network.  The great thing about my Legal Resources benefit is no matter what my legal matter, Member Services will work to find an attorney to assist.  Real estate closings are common, so I was referred to another firm very quickly.  I still received my full benefits, and knew I was working with a well-established law firm.

The Member Services representative I spoke with, Jennifer, was great to work with.  She was knowledgeable about how law firms work and answered my questions on the process.  She also asked me a few questions to make sure I was getting exactly the legal service I needed.  Jennifer called some of the plan firms, reviewed my timeline, location, and need, and confirmed me as a referral.  Once she had found a firm that suited me best, she called me back to give me their contact information.  She did all the research and leg-work for me, so I could focus on more important things.

Within the same day I received a follow up phone call from the attorney handling my closing.  You read that correctly, not the assistant, not the paralegal, the attorney himself took the time to call me.  He gathered the information about my new home, lender, and realtor; walked me through the process of closing; advised me on costs and what to expect as well as my benefit; and answered my questions.

From there, my law firm worked with my realtor directly, so I could have one clear point of contact with any questions and to whom I supplied details on paperwork and documents.  I actually didn’t hear back from the attorney until we got the official clear to close notice, because I didn’t need to because they handled everything for me.  Once we were ready to close, I was contacted again to schedule a time and day for the closing.

My law firm was fantastic to work with.  I knew first-hand that they had been intensely vetted, interviewed, and trained by the Attorney Relations Team at Legal Resources, so I was confident in their ability to administer my closing without additional worry.  They worked so closely with my lender and Realtor that when an error came in the paperwork from the lender (on closing day, no less!) the issue was resolved in a matter of minutes, and we were ready to close.

During the closing our attorney sat with us and explained what each document was and answered all our questions as they came up.  Because this was our first home closing, we had a lot of concerns, but we were never rushed and the attorney made certain that we understood everything that was happening and would happen.  We even received advice on how to proceed through the life of our loan.

And my Legal Resources benefit?  On top of taking the stress out of finding a trustworthy law firm, it saved my husband and me over $1300 in attorney fees!

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