Beware the IRS Tax Scam!


The FTC has identified a tax scam in which an email notice is sent to people claiming they owe the IRS money as a result of the Affordable Care Act. These notices are designed to look like the IRS’s CP2000 notices, which are typically sent out if there is an information mismatch on a return.  So, how can you identify these notices as frauds?  For this specific case, they are sent as an email attachment, which is a big red flag for fraud.

Remember, the IRS will NEVER:

1.  Use email or social media as a mode of communication.

2.  Threaten to have you arrested or deported.

3.  Request payment through wire transfer, gift card, or pre-paid debit card.

4.  Require checks be made out to “I.R.S.”.  Money paid to the government for taxes must go to “United States Treasury”.

These scams are designed to play on fear and lack of knowledge, so when in doubt, visit  They have tools to identify fraud and methods of contact you can use to confirm if the communication is legitimate.

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