Use Your Legal Plan to Make Big Changes in 2017

Let Legal Resources help you ring in the new year with some big life changes! Here are some of the ways you can use your Legal Resources Legal Plan to change your life in 2017:

day-1891529_1280Real Estate Transactions
Start the new year with a new home. As a Legal Resources member, you are entitled to legal assistance with the purchase of your home.

Domestic Adoption
Change your and another’s life in 2017
by using your legal plan to aid with an uncontested adoption.

Tenant Matters
Want a change of scenery in 2017, but aren’t ready to buy a house? Have an attorney review the lease of a new apartment or rental.

Name Change
A good New Year’s Resolution should change you for the better. With your legal plan, you can take a swing at improving your own name.


An attorney’s advice is a valuable tool to have at your side in many matters both in and out of the courtroom.  If you are a Legal Resources member, contact your plan attorney directly when you have questions about a legal matter.  If you’d like more details on ways attorneys can help in everyday life, contact the certified paralegals on our Member Services Team at 800-728-5768.

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