Tips for Avoiding a Holiday Mailing Mishap

The holiday season can cause stress in even the calmest souls, but some of that anxiety can be soothed by planning ahead and avoiding holiday shipping mistakes that could result in a gift arriving late or getting lost/stolen.  

Here are tips to help you avoid holiday postal hazards. 


Know what tools are available

Avoid hassles by visiting the USPS website to help make shipping easier. There are online shipping options, and customers can order free priority mail boxes, print shipping labels, purchase postage and request free next-day package pickup. 

Consider the following

USPS leaders suggest that customers print addresses clearly and include all needed information, such as apartment numbers. 

They also said people should remove batteries from any toys they are sending. Wrap them separately and put them in the mailing box. Customers should include new batteries in original packaging. 

Shippers should also put a card inside the package that contains the delivery and return addresses to ensure the item can be delivered or returned in case the mailing label gets damaged or falls off. 

Know the busy days

December 15 will be the busiest mailing and shipping day this holiday season.


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