Online Shopping Tips to Protect you this Holiday Season

With the holiday season comes holiday shopping. If you’re planing on doing some or all of your shopping online, consider these three habits to keep yourself safe from would-be identity thieves.woman-holding-credit-card-2

Don’t use multiple credit cards for purchases

Pick only one credit card to use for online purchases to make spotting fraudulent charges easier.

Only shop on secure websites

Always check for the ‘lock’ symbol next to the website’s address in your browser’s address bar. This symbol means that the site is secure.

Don’t store your credit card information online

Simply retype your credit card information for each transaction instead of saving on the website.

Don’t buy from an unknown seller or an unfamiliar site

If possible, shop with reputable online merchants. If you are unsure of a merchant’s history and reputation, comb through its sales ratings. This is especially important if you are shopping with websites that host private auctions or with companies that connect you to private sellers. 

Don’t use a debit card, check, or cashier’s check to buy things online

A credit card is the most secure form of payment for online purchases because you have more protection if the merchant fails to deliver the item as promised.

Don’t use passwords that are easy to hack

Create strong passwords that include upper and lower case numbers, symbols, and punctuation marks, and update them regularly to help prevent hacking.

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