Covered or Not Covered: Does your Insurance Covers These Classic Holiday Mishaps?

Contact your Legal Resources Plan Attorney to review insurance documents before an issue arises.

shutterstock_56699107While roasting chestnuts over an open fire you accidentally burn down your house…COVERED.

Standard homeowners policies cover damage due to fire.

Your impressive outdoor light display catches your trees and bushes on fire…COVERED.

Trees, plants, and shrubs are covered under standard homeowners insurance when damaged by fire.

You pour the grease from your fried turkey down the drain and your sewer backs up…NOT COVERED.

Most homeowners insurance does not cover damage caused by sewage backup.

A squirrel jumps out of your Christmas tree and your dog chases it and destroys your belongings…NOT COVERED.

A standard policy does not cover damage caused by rodents (what the squirrel is) and domestic animals such as dogs and cats. However, it will provide protection from damage caused by a wild animal – such as a reindeer.


An attorney’s advice is a valuable tool to have at your side in many matters both in and out of the courtroom.  If you are a Legal Resources member, contact your plan attorney directly when you have questions about a legal matter.  If you’d like more details on ways attorneys can help in everyday life, contact the certified paralegals on our Member Services Team at 800-728-5768.

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