Back-to-School Legal Checklist for Parents

If you are a parents of a school-age child the end of summer means more than just saying goodbye to warm weather, it means saying hello to the back-to-school season. So, after you are finished buying all the school supplies, backpacks, and “cool” cloths for your child, take a moment to review some of the legal errands you might have to prepare your child for their return to the classroom.

Here are four essential back-to-school legal considerations for parents:

back to school

Review any liability release/waiver.

Read documents throughly before signing anything. You are responsible for anything attached to your signature.

Notify the school about any accommodation needs.

Whether your child has a learning disability or a physical handicap, you need to give your child’s school plenty of time to get the proper accommodation set up.

Evaluate your school’s social media policies.

Some schools have begun monitoring students’ social media activity in order to prevent bullying and student misconduct. Learn what your school is doing and how they do it.

Speak with your child about potential dangers.

Inform your child about the risks they may face. What they might see as the newest prank or trend could potentially come with legal repercussions.


An attorney’s advice is a valuable tool to have at your side in many matters both in and out of the courtroom.  If you are a Legal Resources member, contact your plan attorney directly when you have questions about a legal matter.  If you’d like more details on ways attorneys can help in everyday life, contact the certified paralegals on our Member Services Team at 800-728-5768.

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