The Exciting World of Steady

House 12

2016 is showing signs of a normal real estate market.

After the devastating decline when the real estate market bubble burst, the American housing market has been anything but steady. Improvements have been seen over recent years, and 2015 saw a huge rise in home sales, including in younger adults. 2015 saw over 2 million sales to millennials, but 2016 predictions are even more exciting, because we are seeing the return to a normal housing market.

It is predicted that growth will slow its pace in 2016, but only to normalize to a steady level.

Experts say we are finally seeing a return to the secure and steady investment that real estate purchases are after years of unpredictability. It’s a positive change for the future of real estate.1

Surprising Statistics

Now is the time to buy! In more than 75% of the nation, it is more expensive to rent than to own,1 and over 50% of homes are sold during the summer months!4


1. “5 Real Estate Trends That Will Dominate 2016.” RealatorMag. December 22, 2015.
4. Wellish, Susan. (n.d.) “Best Season to Buy or Sell a Home.” in the right direction.


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