Roll’em Out! New Laws Are in Effect

photo-1413787489051-bcbb6209ece1With the start of the government’s new fiscal year, new laws have also begun to take effect. Here’s a list of some of the new state laws to look for in D.C., Virginia and Maryland this year:

Washington, D.C.

Employee Appreciation: The nation’s capital will adopt the highest minimum wage of any state, raising the bar to $10.50 per hour.


Social Media and the Workplace: According to new state regulation, an employer can no longer require access to an employee’s social media account information.

Campus Sexual Assault: The state requires a new notation on the transcripts of students who were dismissed or suspended on sexual assault charges, or who withdrew during an investigation.

Hemp Production: Industrial hemp production is now legal in Virginia as long as it is part of a university-managed research program.

Just For Fun: State Song: Virginia now has a state song! State law declares  “Our Great Virginia,” lyrics by Mike Greenly and arranged by Jim Papoulis, as the official, traditional state song. The official, popular state song is “Sweet Virginia Breeze.’’


Police Accountability: Local law enforcement must report all officer-involved deaths and deaths in the line of duty to the Governor’s Office. The state requires that the Governor’s office share these reports with lawmakers on an annual basis.

Gas Prices: The sales tax on gas prices will increase from two percent to three percent.

Ride-Share Regulations: Maryland now requires background checks and insurance for drivers working for ride-share companies that rely on cellphone, GPS and messaging to schedule transportation.

Apprenticeship Maryland: Maryland has established a new, two-year pilot program that will prepare students to enter the workforce.

New Laws Taking Effect

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