Passenger Bill of Rights: What You Need to Know When Plans Change


With summer in full swing, both travelers and airlines are preparing for vacation season. Here are a few facts that can help you navigate any conflict that may arise while planning your summer travels:


What You Need To Do


If the airline informs you that you have purchased a ticket for an overbooked flight, they are responsible for providing appropriate compensation. Also, you have a right to receive compensation in cash; so don’t let the airline insist on a voucher.

Delayed or Canceled Flight

Depending on your carrier, the airline may transfer you to the next available flight, or even to another carrier. Generally, if the delay was the decision of the airline, they will provide overnight accommodation. If the airline classifies the delay as an “Act of God,” any accommodation falls under the airline’s discretion.

Tarmac Delays

Tarmac delays longer than three hours on domestic flights are prohibited for most airlines. International flights operate according to established standards of the respective airline. The aircraft must be able to provide medical accommodation if necessary.

Lost Luggage

If the airline loses your luggage, the airline must provide a reimbursement of up to $3,300.


  • The ticket must include the same name as the corresponding passenger
  • As a passenger, you usually have 24 hours to cancel a ticket without penalty
  • Airlines are required to notify passengers of any route changes or delays; however, the airline can change routes dramatically without refunding tickets
  • Airlines will refund the ticket price for rescheduled flights but they do not have to provide compensation of any kind

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